The AEIFARON collectivity is a “university of Life”, which aims to awaken the full potential of human being. Through all activities, Aeifaron cultivates the human being on all levels of existence and allows them to become fertile so as to experience true life, freedom, with long lasting stability.

Our team works daily towards the completion of a “Modern Asclepieion” in Ancient Nemea, which houses our virtues, values and promotes EF ZEIN (the good life).


“ΑΕΙΦΑΡΟΝ” Collectivity thanks for the interest it receives through your messages.

However, we clarify that the guided tours and visits to our place are not possible, due to the current health measures of the state, until recently.

You can stay tuned with us by reading and sharing with others a variety of articles about Well being, which are posted weekly on our fb page.
Thank you!


Co-creating a world of Eu Zein the Good Life

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