Eco Bazaar Vol II

On this Carnival water a tree in the center of Athens

After the Christmas planting, the society AEIFARON invites you now to a 10 day multi – event!
Fancy dressing, live music, dancing, feasting all in the spirit of ecology that the society supports.


Search and find wonderful opportunities in the 2 nd hand articles that we offer and also come and have a fancy dress costume fitted for you.
Eat with us on a “green” pancake day.
Sing with us on the two concerts of our wonder music team!
The proceeds of the bazaar will contribute to sustaining the eco
community and its land at Ancient Nemea.

Days and times

Saturday 23 February AEIFARON Music Team Concert 21.00-00.00
Monday 25 Feb. 10.00- 19.00
Tuesday 26 Feb. 10.00- 23.00
Wednesday 27 Feb. 10.00- 19.00
Thursday 28 Feb. 10.00- 23.00
Friday 1 March 10.00- 23.00
Saturday 2 March 10.00- 23.00
Sunday 3 March 10.00- 20.00
20.00- 23.00 Music Team concert.

We are waiting for you at the AEIFARON Hall on 13 Leoharous
str.Syntagma ( metro station Syntagma or Panepistimio )