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Benefits of Contribution

Be part of creating a world of Eu Zein

Help us help the world

By contributing to Aeifaron’s vision and mission you express your love towards yourself and humanity in action. While helping individuals receive the necessary education and resources for realizing their full potential and take humanity a step forward, you also benefit from having access to the following exclusive services and activities.

Exclusive access to seminars and retreats

Expand your knowledge horizons

Expand your knowledge and gain valuable insights in your journey of self-awareness. We offer a wide array of powerful tools, such as seminars, lectures and retreats on Eu Zein, as well as publications and meditative practices which help you transform yourself and your relationships both on a personal and professional level.

Personal treatments and wellness

Revitalize yourself with nature's touch and exclusive elixirs

Enhance your physical and psychological well-being and uplift your spirit through a rich variety of natural therapies and holistic treatments. Our certified practitioners help you develop a personalized well-being plan, offering nutritional and dietary guidance, herbal remedies, Bach Flower remedies, aromatherapy and sound therapy.

Be part of a “green revolution”

The key to a greener planet is in your hands

Making our footprint on earth as environmentally friendly as possible and inventing new methods of renewable energy autonomy is one of our key focus areas. Be part of the most exciting “green revolution” by attending our workshops and discussions on sustainability and eco-living and join us in creating a sustainable future for our planet.

Our fundraising projects

€1,754 of €5,000 raised

Aeifaron Music Group

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€2,510 of €0 raised

General Giving

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€1,840 of €0 raised

Planting trees

€5,562 of €600,000 raised

Event Hall

€6,960 of €7,500 raised

Autonomous water supply system

€1,945 of €65,000 raised

Stone Theatre

€100,579 of €120,000 raised

Energy Autonomy through Green Technology

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