General Giving

The “University of Life AEIFARON” was born and is growing, thanks to many people’s generous offerings. Every financial donation is precious to us, as it contributes to ensuring our autonomy as well as the completion of the “Modern Asclepieion” that we envision and that has already begun its activities.

Since 2006 and up until this very day, we have informed and continue to inform and educate thousands of people in the fields of self-knowing, physical and spiritual wellness, human relationships, technology and green energy, through weekly seminars, conferences, group visits and guided tours. Our musical and artistic events entertain and offer a unique experience of musical harmony to our listeners, through live performances and online activities.

Become a supporter of our activities, choosing the frequency of your contribution and the specific area that you feel inspired to support.

You can find information and updates regarding the progress of all of our projects, through our website, our Facebook page and our monthly newsletter.

In 2021 we are focusing on the following projects:
  • Eu Zein Hall  (Hall for online seminars and conferences )
  • Lake of Abundance (water supply from rain water)
  • Plant Kingdom (Tree planting, maintenance, gardens)
  • Green energy (Maintenance and development of innovative technology systems)
  • Stone theatre


We thank you in advance for your generosity, no matter which way you choose to contribute!


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Donation Total: €50