Know Thyself

Knowledge of ourselves and our inner workings

Inscribed on the top of the Delphic Temple is one of the most central precepts of Hellenic Philosophy which reads: “Know Thyself”.

The ancient sages chose this phrase from thousands of other wise sayings because self-knowledge is at once the key and the prerequisite for attaining wisdom, success and happiness, and above all, for achieving the Eu Zein, the good life. Nothing else can be truly learned unless we first get to know who we really are.

Knowledge of ourselves and our inner workings

Knowledge of ourselves opens the door to discovering what is the purpose and meaning of our lives. It guides us to answer some of the most fundamental life questions: Who am I? What is my soul’s deepest calling? What makes my life feel meaningful? Through what activities and projects can I fulfill my aspirations? Ηοw much of my resources should I invest and allocate for each of those activities? Through what methods and practices will my goals be achieved? When and where should I act in order to manifest my full potential in the most efficient, creative and inspirational way?

"All knowledge is remembrance", Socrates

How is self-knowledge achieved?

The path towards conscious living

How is self-knowledge achieved? First, by questioning and challenging what we think we know. Second, by reflecting upon our lives, gaining a deeper understanding and awareness of our inner processes, and integrating those insights into our everyday living. Third, by learning to listen to our inner guidance—the voice within that expresses our soul’s deepest aspirations.

On this path nothing new is gained; what is revealed is the wisdom already inherent within us. Consistent introspection, ongoing reflection and remembrance of our authentic self become the bedrock for achieving and sustaining a fulfilling life.

Through educational seminars, lectures, retreats and publications on Eu Zein, as well as meditative practices and personal development techniques, we offer a rich array of powerful tools for guiding us on our journey towards self-knowledge.

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