Share Thyself

Togetherness is an essential feature of our nature

Everything in the universe works collectively. All of our experience derives from a network of relations and interconnected circumstances taking place within a greater physical and social context. Acknowledging this essential feature of our nature, we can consciously build communities wherein our development and personal growth can be fostered and supported.

Our community life is indeed our most precious treasure

For more than 12 years, our holistic center has been hosting people of different ages, cultural and social backgrounds, providing them the space and resources for growth, enhanced self-awareness and the fulfillment of their unique potential.

Together we live, work, create, have fun and evolve in an atmosphere of unity, team spirit, joy, compassion and mutual respect. We see each other not only as a companion with whom we share the beauty of everyday life, but also as a teacher who can increase our awareness in our journey to self-knowledge.

Through our coexistence and cooperation we have the opportunity to recognize and transform our conscious and unconscious patterns of behavior, as those are mirrored by our peers in our daily interactions.

"Everything in the universe happens collectively"

Creativity fosters togetherness

Each one of us is unique and, at the same time, an essential part of the whole. A key goal of our shared life is to provide a competent and inspirational environment where everyone can develop their talents and qualities in a creative and trusted setting. By fostering creativity in every aspect of our lives, we experience genuine and durable happiness at the core of our being.

In our holistic center, we share ourselves through a number of creative, restorative and recreational activities. Together we cultivate our bountiful land. Some of our home grown natural products include olive oil, wine, wheat, herbs, fruit and vegetables that cover most of our nutritional needs. We practice farming in a conscious way, which empowers our ties with nature and realigns us with the natural rhythm of life. This is an exceptionally nourishing and healing experience, especially for those of us who have been ‘city people’ for the biggest part of our lives!

Incubators of creativity

Art is love made visible

Arts and culture are essential to us since they are incubators of creativity. Music, dance, visual arts, theater bring beauty into our everyday life. Everyone can express and share their creative inspirations with the whole community. Retreats, dance performances, film viewings followed by discussions, as well as lectures on a variety of philosophical topics are some of the activities that enrich our journey of self-development.

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