Our Land

A modern-day sanctuary where people can attain the Eu Zein—the good life

Our eco-community is nested at the foothills of Ancient Nemea since 2006, a land known since ancient times for its purity, sanctity and power.

In this blessed natural landscape we are building our modern-day Asclepeion—a powerful healing space that revitalizes, energizes and heals holistically. Our center is a place where we learn and practice the Eu Zein, through holistic education and contact with nature. We empower ourselves on all levels, exploring and realizing our full potential.

Ancient Nemea

A training ground for athletes

In ancient times, Nemea was the site where athletes used to prepare for the rigors and labors of the Olympic Games, which took place in nearby Olympia. Known for its vibrant and restorative energy, athletes, beginning with Hercules, chose Nemea as their fertile starting ground for charging themselves with vitality, strength and all resources necessary for excellence and victory.

However, nowadays, we have all in some way become ‘athletes’; only that our modern ‘Olympic Games’ are the challenges, complex demands and tribulations of contemporary everyday life. The most challenging amongst all our ‘olympic labors’ is to discover ourselves and find peace and inner tranquility while staying active, creative and innovative in an ever-changing world which calls upon us to transform it.

We all aspire to leave a footprint in this world, we all seek to make this world a better place. But to do that, we must first start with ourselves.

In the footsteps of the ancient athletes, we are now also given the opportunity to benefit from Nemea’s nourishing qualities and energetic exuberance in order to prepare ourselves for the biggest challenge of all: our lives. In our community, individuals can nourish, heal and improve themselves on all levels—physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual—simply by being present in Nemea’s powerful and positively energized surroundings.


Taking time to relax, renew and rediscover yourself

The term ‘retreat’ refers to taking time out of our everyday life and dedicating it to our psychological and spiritual development in order to return to our lives rejuvenated, inspired and creative. In ancient times, retreats were called ‘schola’—literally, ‘schools’—and were usually located in beautiful natural landscapes. There, individuals could enjoy the necessary time, resources and teachings in order to understand and evolve themselves, gain knowledge, enrich their well-being and express their talents in ways that made them flourish and thrive.

Retreats hold a central role in our tradition, as they serve to reconnect us to our natural and social environment on a new basis, offering valuable insights and lessons to be harnessed and utilized. During retreats, we put aside our habitual tendencies and distractions. We focus with diligence and perseverance on maintaining contact with our deepest being and aspirations. As we settle into the intuitive and natural way of living, we find ourselves feeling peaceful, vibrant and whole.

During your stay in our modern retreat center at Ancient Nemea:

  • You will have the chance to heal yourself by eating pure, organic food, prepared with love and positive energy by our specially trained cooks.
  • You will have the opportunity to cultivate the land and realign with the rhythm of nature by picking fruits, vegetables and herbs. Direct contact with nature is reconstructive and an excellent way of removing all toxins.
  • You will restore a deep connection and respect for the natural environment, which helps foster a more harmonious relationship to oneself.

In the past years, hundreds of people visiting and living in our community have experienced healing and a deep inner-transformation, bringing a new sense of bliss, purity and fulfillment to their lives.

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