Melodies that caress the soul

The AEIFARON music team has been working on the creation of harmonic music since 2010. Our aim through our music is to entertain as well as inspire people to act in the most beneficial way every moment of the day in order to before walk the path of evolution and liberation.

Know Thyself

Understanding our inner workings and discovering our life purpose

Self-knowledge is the key prerequisite to attaining wisdom, success and happiness—the Eu Zein. Nothing else can be truly learned and achieved unless we first get to know who we really are.

Through educational seminars, lectures, related retreats and publications on Eu Zein, as well as meditative practices and self-development techniques, we offer a rich array of powerful tools for guiding and empowering us in our journey towards self-knowledge.

Heal Thyself

“Prevention is better than cure”, Hippocrates

Our holistic approach includes the cultivation of our own organic crops with intention and awareness, pure organic nutrition and non-invasive methods of therapies, including:

  • herbal remedies,
  • food detoxification,
  • Bach Flower Remedies,
  • aromatherapy,
  • sound therapy (gongs),
  • reflexology, hydrotherapy,
  • steam baths and color therapy.

We approach therapy as a recreational and joyful process, a form of expressing love towards ourselves, always in touch with nature and respect towards the environment.

Harmonize Thyself

“He who lives in harmony with himself, lives in harmony with the Universe”

Balance and harmony are essential qualities in developing conscious and fulfilling inner and outer relationships. By focusing on our personal growth and transformation, we develop the necessary inner harmony, which then allows us to create harmonious relationships in all areas of our life.

We support this journey of self-harmonization through offering a wide range of tools, such as meditative practices, educational speeches, seminars, conferences and publications. Our developmental activities target two main areas of relationship formation: personal and professional.

Children—the future of humanity


We aim at inspiring and supporting parents and young couples in their journey of parenthood. To that end, we will be offering seminars and retreats on the topics of healthy partner relationships, conception, pregnancy, birth and conscious parenting.

Share Thyself

Togetherness is an essential feature of our nature

Our community life is indeed our most precious treasure. Together we live, work, create, have fun and evolve in an atmosphere of unity, team spirit, joy, compassion and mutual respect.

A key goal of our shared life is to provide a competent and inspirational environment so that everyone can develop their qualities in a creative and trusted setting. In our holistic center, we share ourselves through a number of creative, restorative and recreational activities. Arts and culture are essential to our community life.

Music, dance, visual arts, theater, retreats, dance performances, film viewings followed by discussions, as well as lectures on a variety of philosophical topics enrich our journey of self-development.

Reinvent Thyself

From Know-Who to Know-Ηow

We can reinvent ourselves on two key levels. First, by finding new ways of dealing with our innermost being and everyday challenges; and second, by reinventing the material conditions of our lives by interacting with our natural environment for the purposes of energy, sustenance and production in innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly ways.

We are investing in green energy autonomy and adopting renewable forms of energy, such as solar and wind, for serving our operational needs.

Our eco-community offers a creative space for innovation and ingenuity. We currently invest in the development of hydrogen technology at a pilot level. This cutting-edge research opens up the horizon for a sustainable future not only for our community, but for everyone who aspires to energy autonomy around the globe.

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