Our Vision

A world in which all human beings can experience a life of bliss, well-being and prosperity

We have a vision for humanity

A world where every human being is empowered to realize the Eu Zein—the good life.

We envision a world where every individual has the opportunity to experience a life of bliss, well-being and prosperity—what the Ancient Greeks called the Eu Zein,“the good life”. A world where everyone has access to the necessary knowledge, education and resources in order to realize their full potential and spread their light onto the world.

According to Hellenic philosophy, the Eu is not a ‘thing’, but the underlying natural order of the Universe, whose essence is completeness, perfection and exuberance. The Eu is the true nature of everything that exists in the world. For that reason, it is also inherently present in every individual. Once we re-connect with the Eu, our life becomes truly free, spontaneous and fulfilling.

The Eu is pure Goodness, beyond ‘right’ and ‘wrong’; Bliss, beyond joy and pain; Beautybeyond forms; Perfection, beyond apparent strives. When we harmonize with the Eu, we start to experience a deep sense of wholeness, happiness and freedom. We become empowered to fulfill our truest and highest potential. Our ordinary life transforms into the ‘good life’—the life of Eu.

Deep inside we all seek one common goal: we are all naturally lovers and seekers of the Eu Zein.

Reconnecting with our true nature

Enjoying a life abundant in health, harmony and happiness

We are devoted to the spirit of unity and community. All our goals and activities are guided by the insight that everything is one; and since the nature of our world is the Eu, this means that everything was, is and will be forever perfect.

In our community, we are inspired to work together, with simplicity and love, since we believe that the success of our individual self-exploration and ambitions depends on our ability to harmonize with others and our environment. Our goal is to create global modern-day Asclepieia—holistic ‘sanctuaries’ where individuals have the opportunity to know, heal, harmonize, share and reinvent themselves.

  • Our vision is a world where all human beings have the opportunity to receive the holistic education which is necessary in order to discover and realize their full potential.
  • While our approach is rooted in the philosophy of Hellenism, we also embrace the wisdom of all human civilizations, irrespective of national or cultural origin.
  • Our aspiration is that our holistic sanctuaries are integrated to the cultural and environmental influences of their respective locations, cherishing the fruits of multicultural cooperation beyond borders.

Meet our team

With inspiration and commitment, our team makes our vision come true


Gaia Dimitriou


During my studies in Psychology and Philosophy I realized that it is only through community life and co-creation that human beings can realize their full potential.


Katerina Ritter

Coordinator of Nemea

In the community of Aeifaron, I had the opportunity to combine and excel at what I love most: organizing and managing our collective life in accordance to the wisdom of nature; and cultivating my love for music, which infuses rhythm and entertainment into everything we do.

Nick Papathanasopoulos

Vice president

Giota Gialleli

General secretary


Danae Dorothea Geroulakou

Head of public relations


Mark Hafermann

Head of financials

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