Since 2006, our initiatives have been dedicated to creating an active and experiential learning environment – a University of Life, which offers people the opportunity to awaken to and embody their full potential.

Our activities include self-awareness seminars, wellness sessions and the creation of a modern Asclepieion and eco-community in Ancient Nemea. Our collectivity is open to all people, of any age or nationality, who share its vision and values.

Specifically, the actions of the “University of Life” include, among others:

1. Speeches, conferences and workshops of a philosophical nature, with special emphasis on the experiential application of knowledge in our daily lives, in our relationship with ourselves and others.

2. Holistic wellness sessions (such as tinctures, Bach flower remedies, diet, detox, massage, natural preparations, etc.)

3. Ecological actions that restore and improve our relationship with nature, expanding our environmental awareness, such as planting trees and growing/harvesting fruits, vegetables and herbs in traditional ways.

4. Artistic activities, such as concerts, music, dance and art events.

5. The cultivation of autonomy and self-sufficiency through the application of renewable energy sources with respect for the environment.

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